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Some Thoughts on VR

4 minute read

VR champagne. So sweet that I can taste it. At least that’s what I tell my colleague as we make a bet about the future of VR.

Why I Choose Vim

4 minute read

Helen of Troy might have had a face that launched a thousand ships but the Trojan war pales in comparison to the flame wars developer wage today over their f...

Sunk Costs

4 minute read

When I started this entry, I intended to write an essay about keeping resolutions. After all, it was still close to new years and people did this sort of stu...

Do you remember?

6 minute read

If a tree falls in the forest and no one remembers hearing it, does it make a sound?

Personal (Cloud) Computing

3 minute read

Clouds. Everywhere. Especially true if you live in Seattle. Also true if you scan more than a dozen techcrunch articles in one sitting.

Of Growing Up

4 minute read

Me and my roommate have this tradition where we cook a large meal Sunday night and complain about having to do the dishes afterwards. There always seems to b...

How are you?

1 minute read

This question, along with developing for IE6, bothers me. A lot. I dislike this question because most of the time I hear it, it is a disingenuous offhand rem...

Noticing the trees among the forest

2 minute read

Its been two months now that I’ve lived in Seattle. This is strange to me because my body still feels like it stepped off the plane yesterday. During this ti...