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Luck and Chance

2 minute read

Looking back at my life, something that stands out like a garden gnome in a basketball lineup is that most of the significant moments of my life seemed to ha...

Why I Write

4 minute read

I enjoy the art of creation. Maybe enjoy is too light of a word for what I’m trying to describe. I feel compelled by. I have a need to. I cannot not create.

Abstractions - Part1

5 minute read

I think about abstractions a bunch. It comes with the territory of writing code for a living. Software is, after all, just a series of abstractions, translat...


3 minute read

Over the weekend, I competed in Ski To Sea, a seven leg relay where each leg features a different sport. The relay starts off with downhill skiing off Mt Bak...

Reflections on Asia

9 minute read

Today is my last day in Japan and first day back in the states after half a month of travelling. I’ve made it a tradition to take a trip at the end of each y...